About Us

This is a festival that pushes the boundaries of presentation. We broadcast a stream of varied film forms. We especially love to showcase locally made films, this is all about expanding options for people to present and discover cinematic work in digital age.
We’re looking for anything creative in the film form, including music videos, documentaries, westerns, experiments, shorts and, features.

All of our films will be divided into two blocks playing back to back. We’ll open our event with our BLock of Bliss where we showcase films made locally in North Carolina. Our event then concludes with the Gutter Block where we showcase films made all around the world.

We are looking to showcase the underground of filmmakers that have gone undiscovered thus far in the digital age. We love films that are lofi, strange, unconventional, distinct, and ambitious.


We will be streaming the event for multiple days on Twitch through a private Youtube playlist to ensure a continuously immersive broadcasting experience.

For this reason, we only accept submissions in a youtube link. We accept both private and public links.
Everything else goes!


We don’t give awards yet. But go ahead and close your eyes and envision us giving you one, that’s what it’d be like if we did.

Felt good didn’t it?

Selected winners will be advertised on our cinema page.

The whole aspect of cinema and film festivals should be a moment to come together and celebrate art and humanity.

-Keanu Reeves

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